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We have the pleasure to present you, with the following, a short note of presentation regarding the activities of our firm, in particular the sector that involves the maritime and underwater operations.

Our firm is listed in the following rolls:

  • Roll of contractors and suppliers of the Italian Ministry of Defence;
  • Roll of contractors of the Italian Department of Public Works;
  • Roll of contractors for Public Works of the Self Government Region of Sardinia;
  • Roll of contractors of Polimeri Europa Spa;
  • Roll of contractors of EniOil L.B.;
  • Roll of Contractors of Marathon Oil / Ecumed Tunisia
  • Roll of contractors of Libyan National Oil Corporation.

Soilmare S.r.L., together her Branches placed into the major Countries of Mediterranean’s Area, operates, according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, in the field of constructions, controls and renewal of harbour structures, marine terminals, piers, quays and dry-docks, besides makes interventions on construction and maintenance of sea intakes, underwater cables, sea lines and SPM, CALM AND SALM Buoys.

A Soilmare technical staff, seamen and divers widely experienced in the field of maritime and underwater operations in Italy and overseas, offers you a qualified consultancy to finding the most valid solutions concerning the technical and economic profile, for the various issues of the sector.

Among the interventions in which Soilmare operates, we here below list these in particular:

  • Construction of piers and quays;
  • Driving of piles with hammers “DEMAG” D100, D80, D62, D55, D36 and D22 and relative frames for offshore pilings;
  • Drilling of piles with rotary Wirth PBA 612/2000/200;
  • Building of breakwaters, quays and anchorage;
  • Works and maintenance of underwater structures on dams and lakes;
  • Placing and burying of sea-lines and sea-intakes in steel, concrete and fibreglass;
  • Placing and burying of underwater cables;
  • Dredging with grabs and breaking/suction and reflowing equipments;
  • Underwater laying of geotextile material; – Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of steel and concrete underwater structures;
  • Renewal and maintenance of sea water intakes and sea lines, with internal cleaning of lines and channels from incrustations and sediments of various nature with oleo dynamic and water pressure tools for the treatment of iron and concrete surf-aces; dismantling, substitution and maintenance of underwater valves, bulkheads, relative guides and drainage plants;
  • Interventions for the reinforcement and renewal of concrete structures, using highly thick epoxies or by injection;
  • Welding and cutting under sea with ox electric tools, cable and oleo dynamic tools in various modes and conditions of intervention;
  • Non explosive underwater perforations in rocks or concrete and demolitions with expansion agents;
  • Non destructive controls with ultra sounding devices for measurements on land and underwater;
  • Samplings and coring of sea beds, sampling of water at various levels;
  • Mapping of various levels and areas;
  • Research with magnetic Forster devices;
  • Underwater photographic inspections, colour T.V., with direct video/audio contact with divers;
  • Surveys with divers recognised by the list of surveyors of the civil courts.


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